September, 2010

How to get more of your writing time.


So, I’ve been writing a lot lately. Okay, well, not so much JUST lately, but always. And one of my crit. Partners has always wondered how I was able to get all that done and take care of my family. So, today, I’m going to divulge my secret.

And that secret is…there is no secret. LOL. If you’ve watched KUNG FU PANDA, you’ll understand what I mean.

Okay, seriously now, the biggest thing I learned is to be able to shut down to everything else and WRITE!!! If it takes me 30 minutes of my hour to shut down to write, then I’ve wasted half my time. However, if I’m able to shut everything down instantly, then I’ve not wasted any of my writing time.

And I take the time for my writing. I try to sit down for at least an hour a day, 5 days a week.

However, just as important as the ability to shut things down, is the realization that it’s okay to write crap. Every one does. That’s the reason for first drafts. Put down your editing pen and cap. Just write. Get that story out of you and onto paper. You can fix it later. It doesn’t matter if everything you wrote that day is cut. You wrote. And it’s just that many more words until you’re finished and while you may not keep those words, it will help you decided what you want for your story.

Like Edison didn’t invent a light bulb his first try, you’re not going to get the perfect story in the first try.

I tend to write much too lean. I always have a bare-boned first draft, filled with passive voice, hanging participles and entirely too much dialogue with no physicality.

So the second draft I end up adding more to it. But then I usually overdue it. My third and fourth drafts are adding and deleting and fixing scenes so they makes sense and doing in-line edits. Eventually by my sixth draft or so, it’s probably fit for human consumption and I send it off to my betas.

Then the cycle starts all over again.

So my question to you is, what do you do to get that story out of you and onto paper?

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Funny Friday: Why not to bother your computer technician


According to my husband, this is how most of his clients think a repair is done and should be fixed before they even know it’s broken.
So, as most of you are aware my husband is a computer repair technician—Macintosh’s only.  He’s also a smartass.  These two things are generally not a good combination, but they do tend to give me a laugh or two during the day  (not to mention plenty of fodder for my books).  😀  
This particular conversation I’m posting below is between my husband–Ben–and a client he’s friendly with over IM.  Apparently these conversations are quite normal for the two of them.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
11:13:21 AM Client: Any good news?

11:22:15 AM Ben: 7 people dead no survivors 

11:23:20 AM Client: Was that the good news?

11:24:26 AM Ben: if it wasnt you

11:24:36 AM Client: I guess so

11:24:46 AM Client: How can I find out if it was me?

11:25:12 AM Ben: look in mirror if no reflection that is an indicator

11:25:34 AM Client: well, I have a new 27″ imac aka imirror on my desk

11:25:38 AM Client: and I see this fat ugly guy

11:25:41 AM Client: so I must be ok

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Tip Thursday: Absolute Write


Okay guys, just a quick one today, because I’m a moron and forgot to do a post for today.  (*Face/palm*).  Anyway, I’ve had this come up lately from a friend of my husband’s.  Basically he’s written a children’s PB (which is really cute.  ALthough I’m deathly afraid of clowns.  :S) and he didn’t do any research on publishing.  He ended up publishing through a vanity press because he didn’t realize it wasn’t a commercial publisher.

Please, please, PLEASE if you’re submitting, just starting to submit, or thinking of submitting, DO. YOUR. HOMEWORK.  THere is NEVER a reason to spend money to be published.  Yog’s Law states that money flows TO the author.  I’ve said it before, folks, and I’m sure you think I’m a broken record, but it’s SO important.  You won’t be taken in by scams, if you remember that one rule.

So, in honor, of research, I’m pimping  They are chock-full of great information from writers to writers.  And the best thing is their bewares and background checks board.  They will let you know if the agent/publisher you’re thinking of querying is a scam or legit.  They don’t pull punches and tell you exactly how they feel, but they’re a wonderful group of writers who actually care about helping you succeed. 

It’s where I’m at most days, not to mention it’s how I found my agent.

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Writer’s Wednesday

>Today I’m posting for a good friend of mine, Larissa Hardesty, for a very good cause.  The Florida Writer’s Association is having a silent auction.  The organization was “

specifically formed to promote literacy, as well as enhancing the writing skills of children, youth, and adults.”  She is still in need of items for the auction.  It can be almost anything.  From critiques to giftcards.  

Please, if you can donate an item or two, it would be much appreciated.  Please see the below letter for more details.  Also, if you can’t donate, but would still like to help out, some of the items will be placed on the Auction’s website and you can bid on the items there. 

Also, as an added benefit, if you donate and pass along the word, comment below and I’ll enter you into a drawing to win either a full manuscript critique by yours truly or a few books.  Winner’s choice.  I will verify the winner  has donated so please don’t fib.  Thanks for all your help.


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Monday Sanctuary

>I’m blogging at the Oasis today, so please stop by over there and leave your comments.  Thanks much!

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