A YA contest for all those of us who are young or just young at heart.

Today in my goal to enjoy my writer’s block instead of bemoan it, I stumbled across a site that is completely devoted to Young Adult literature. And they are having a contest. For the first place winner they get a TON of young adult books and the bookshelf that goes along with it. Since the only requirement was to be a follower and I would have followed anyway, because I loved the website, I joined. Then they wanted me to blog and tweet about it as well (for extra points). Um, HELLO, I would have done that anyway, too. I do that all the time. LOL. So, I’m just doing it a little early, and as the kick off to my bi-weekly blogs. I’ve decided that on Wednesday’s I’m going to blog about writing and on the weekends I’ll blog about good books I’ve read or contests, or sites that I’ve found that will be good for all those young adult readers I have out there.

So, make sure to check out this site. I’ve included the link below. Learn some great things, and if you like it tweet and blog about it for a chance to win some great books.


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