Fish Friday

>Since my book takes place under the ocean, I thought a neat feature to add to my blog would be to find cool, fishy or ocean-y things and highlight them.

So, yesterday I found this funny little guy on i09.

Image via i09

What? You say you don’t find him very funny?  Then check out this video.  My favorite part is at about 1:43 where the winner is all, “Hmm, this looks like a good new home for me.”  Moves in. “Hmm, this isn’t right.” Comes back out, fixes some things. “That ought to do it.” Goes back in. “Nope, still not right.” Comes back out. Fixes things. “Now that should be right.” Goes back in.  “Damn it. NO! This isn’t right. I’m just gonna go back to my home.”


Then there’s this one.  The poor octupus is just taking a stroll along the bottom. “I’m just taken a walk. Might be lookin’ for food. Might not. That’s what taking a leisurely stroll is.” Runs into Mr. Crabby sarcastic fish. “Oop. Pardon me, Fish.”

Mr. Crabby fish:  “Oh no you don’t. You don’t enter my territory without permission.” Attacks octopus.

Octopus: “Chill out, dude! I said I was sorry.” Waves legs around.

Mr. Crabby fish: “My water. My water!”  Attacks octopus again.

Octopus: “Oh no you didn’t.” Starts whacking legs at Mr. Crabby Fish.

Mr. Crabby fish: “My water. My water!”  Continues attacking.

Octopus: “You know what? Screw you, dude. You crazy!”  Swims away the way he came.

And here’s one last one that I think really show how really pretty they are.  I mean they’re ugly, but they’re also really pretty when they open their mouths really wide.  What’s funny is that these guys are living in the same rock. Don’t even know it, but when they see each other they’re all like. “This is my rock.” “No! It’s my rock.”

And now for some educational stuff in case you’re interested.  A sarcastic fringehead (Neoclinus blanchardi) is a fish that can be found in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of North America, from San Franciso to Baja, California. They generally live at a depth range of 9.8 to 240 ft.

They are mostly scaleless and can grow up to 12 inches wide.  Something unique of these fish is that after the women spawn they lay their eggs then leave, while the male protects them.

As you saw in a few of these videos, they are a very aggressive fish, but they can’t see well, so they’ll attack almost anything that passes w/in their field of view, even if the other fish is much larger.

However, when two sarcastic fish fight for territory, they press their open mouths together, like some bizarre french kiss in order to determine who the larger fish is.  I guess, in this circumstance, size really does matter.  😛

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