Half Moon Tour


Hi guys! 

In honor of my friend Jordan Deen’s book HALF MOONs release  in 140 days, she’s hosting a HALF MOON cover reveal scavenger hunt!

Here are the details:

Today, 14 bloggers will reveal the ‘Half Moon’ cover art! As an added bonus, they will post an exclusive part of Chapter 2 of ‘Half Moon’.

Now, the contest:

It’s just like a scavenger hunt! So, you *start* here!  That website is both the beginning and the end of the tour.  Go to her blog to find the rules.  I’m the last stop, so after you finish, please return to her site.

Want to know the prizes? One person will win all of the following:

Half Moon Swag
$25 B&N Gift Card
Jewelry Box
USB Camera/Video recorder

That’s right! It’s a *huge* prize pack! So spread the word. 

If you missed the last section, click here.  After you’re finished, click here.  

And without further adieu, the last piece of your scavenger hunt!

            “No,” Brandon screamed and his body lurched under Matt and Trevor’s hands. “She won’t!  Our bond will return. I won’t let her die!”
            “I’m not sure how you intend to do that. She’s in love with someone else. Her nightly dreams tell us that she’s still madly in love with Alex and she longs for him to find her.” Damn. Lily continued to poke around in my dreams. So much for not telling Brandon about them.  This was certainly not how I wanted him to find out either.
            “You said you weren’t…” Brandon slumped into Matt and Trevor’s arms, but his defeat didn’t last long. “You said he wasn’t…  Damn it, Lacey,” he screamed and pulled his arms away from his friends and advanced towards me. Before I could move out of his way, he phased over my head into Grant and took off into the woods, whimpering and howling as he cleared the tree line out of sight. Emile signaled Matt and Trevor to follow him and they quickly phased and chased him into the woods.
            “Lacey…” Nicole offered me her hand and an unspoken conversation passed between her, Emile, and Ava. “Let’s go,” she said, pulling me from the ground and wrapped her arm around me, sending tingling vibrations through my shoulders, but nothing like the first time I met Matt and Trevor.
            I didn’t dare say anything with Michael, Lucas, and Emile within earshot. They heard our argument from the cabin, I’m sure they would hear the nasty things I wanted to call them. They didn’t care what happened to me; it had never been about me. I’d been a fool for coming here with them, and now… no one would come to save me. The world that hid in the shadows of humanity was full of enemies.           


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    >Ok, I missed a piece but it sounds like someone is not happy.

  3. Jade says:

    >Nooooooo. I felt my heart shatter when I read Brandon being devastated! Oh, the cruelty. I never expected his strong resolve to break down to a whimper, especially after he changed 🙁
    But still, I really had a blast on this ride up to the last quote here. Loved it all 🙂

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    >Oh my God..poor Brandon!1 Rgith nwo I really hate Lacey! Stupid Alex lol…god I hope everything will be all right with Brandon and Lacey..I feel so bad for him..he loves her so much…

    This was so fun! Thanks!

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