Happy Book Birthday, Amaranthine!


Another one of my friends, Leah Crichton, had her book birthday recently.  Yesterday in fact and I’m pleased to be able to spread the word.

There’s been a lot of ups and downs with this book, but I was lucky enough to read an earlier version of it and it was great.  I can’t wait for my copy to come so that I can see how great it is now.

Sixteen year-old Ireland Brady is sure she’s losing her mind.

After a horrific car accident leaves her barely clinging to life, she wakes from a coma with a renewed sense of gratitude to a world more surreal than she could have imagined, a world which includes Orion Alexander.

Darkly handsome, Orion is cool and confident and has his sights set on her, something she’s never experienced and she finds herself falling hopelessly in love. But when Orion’s betrayal sends her straight into the arms of his rival, Damien, things go from bad to worse.

Despite Orion’s warnings, Ireland is attracted to Damien. He’s strong and protective, and harbors an intense dislike for Orion, which makes him…perfect.

But Damien is not one to be crossed.

When all the secrets are revealed, will Ireland trust the boy who broke her heart?  Or is she doomed to suffer a fate worse than death?

About the author:

Leah Crichton began writing at the tender age of five. She was fortunate enough to grow up with two teachers for parents, so she’s used to being constructively criticized which has some serious perks when you live in the real world. Her father is also an author and the rest as they say, is history.

She lives in organized chaos in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with her husband and children, who surprisingly not only put up with her but maybe even love her. She has a few obsessions including but not limited to: coffee, writing, reading, photography, lip gloss, vacations and music. She works full time in a very technical job, so she welcomes the voices inside her head which are fighting to get out and puts them on paper. Sometimes they turn into decent stories. Other times, people just assume she’s crazy.

Amaranthine is the first novel she ever finished. The feeling of reaching the end sparked a desire to do it again, so she’s currently working on her second novel (the first in a series). What happens next remains a mystery.

She can be found on her website, wattpadd, twitter, and facebook.

Amaranthine can be found on amazon.

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