>I have now posted all of the revised submissions I’ve received.  Please make sure you are happy with your submissions.  It will have REVISED next to the ones that I received the changes on.  If you sent me a revision, but I haven’t made the changes, please feel free to email me again.  I will be informing the SA that all is ready on Tuesday.  Thanks and good luck.


11 Responses to “LAST CALL”

  1. B. Light says:

    >I sent my revisions on the 16th, but I guess they didn't get to you. I just resent them. Hopefully it will get through this time.


  2. jasouders says:

    >Ah, yes, I found both emails. Thanks. Your name is similar to a friend of mine and it went into that folder instead of the SA folder. Thanks for letting me know. I've posted the revision. Good luck.

  3. Susan Bradley says:

    >I just sent mine. Hopefully, it's not too late.

  4. E. L. Schneider says:

    >I just sent mine too – sorry for the late submit Jess!

  5. Ebyss says:

    >Thanks again for hosting this.

    Now, we all get to wait on the edge of our seats.

  6. E. L. Schneider says:

    >Hi Jess –

    Contest newbie here. Just wondering, what is the expected timeline for the contest?
    You alerted the SA on Tuesday that all submissions have been revised and open to review – can you advise how long the SA has to review all of the entries? Wasn't sure if it was just a couple of days or if it's a week or more?
    I've been checking back every so often, but haven't seen any new comments added to anyone's submissions…so I just wanted to see how long they're open for?
    Thanks Jess!
    Great contest – so excited to see where everyone lands!

  7. Kelly Hashway says:

    >All has been quiet on here for awhile. It's making me nervous.

  8. Ebyss says:

    >LOL My butt has a imprint of the edge of my seat.

  9. Donna Reeve says:

    >I'm wondering what's happening, too. I can't wait to hear.

  10. Susan Bradley says:

    >The contest rules state that we should hear something no later than Aug. 1st which is Sunday.

  11. brendao says:

    >And I'm leaving for a week at a cabin with no internet access! Oh well…