Mirror Image

Mirror Image

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A simple glance in the rearview mirror is all it takes to land seventeen-year-old Lily Baker’s car in the shallows of a Central Florida lake.  Then, a stranger saves her life, leaving only his name–Jackson–as a clue.  The problem is, Lily’s the only one who saw him, and the police are telling a different story.

Lily is entering her senior year in high school and up until this point, life has been pretty predictable.  She’s in love with her high school sweetheart, confident a full-ride to her choice school is just a home run away, and has all summer to enjoy the Florida sun, sand, and surf. Now, however, Lily’s got a broken arm and a head injury that has her wondering what’s real.

The doctor tells her that the mind can do mysterious things during a trauma, and that her version of events is probably nothing more than a few details from the accident assembled into a false memory. Lily would be happy to accept that, if it wasn’t for the fact that Jackson keeps showing up in her bedroom mirror.


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