Monday Musings: Pet Peeves

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I’ve been judging a lot of contests lately and while I love doing it, I’ve noticed that lately a lot of entries are hitting my pet peeves pretty hard. Specifically one.

Character development/motivation.

I think on my latest grouping of entries, I marked every entry down for character development.  Even the entries I loved.  And it’s not just contest entries I’ve seen it in, it’s in published books, too!

It’s not that the characters aren’t developed enough (although sometimes it is), it’s that the motivation isn’t there or doesn’t match what we’ve seen of the character.

For instance, when a character states that he can’t go through a portal to a different world because it’s forbidden and he’s afraid of the person who would enforce it, but then walks straight through that portal without a second thought and considers bringing someone back with him because they asked him, too, without a thought to the consequences. There lacks a certain motivation.

Now, if he had a thought that EXPLAINED why he did all that, despite the consequences, I’d believe it more.  But without that thought, or an explanation of some sort, it makes the characters unreliable and lacks that development I was talking about.  And it really drives me to distraction.

 So QFU: What’s your pet peeve?

Also, the winner of my Birthday Bash giveaway is:

Erin PreFontaine
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