Renegade’s German Book birthday!

Eee! Today is an extremely exciting day for me! It’s Renegade’s German Book birthday.  People all over Germany are reading my book!  And while it’s extremely nerve-wracking, I’m jumping all over the place with excitement.

This version had to leave the nest a little earlier than the US version, so I’m worried about it making it in the big, scary world, but I’ve done all I can for it and it’ll either sink or swim.  Hopefully, it’ll swim and may even start doing speciality strokes! That would be extremely awesome.

Because today is release day for Renegade, Evelyn is over at the Book Goddess sharing her diary in a “Day in the Life of” post on the Authors are Rockstars tour.

For people in Germany, if you see my book “in the wild” I’d LOVE to see it. Send me pics, so I can share the awesomeness on twitter and facebook!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s sharing this awesome occasion with me. I’ll hope you join me again in November for the US release.

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