RWA Day 1


RWA Day 1
The next day started off on the right foot.  I woke early, and went across the lake to the Dolphin to register for the conference, then grabbed breakfast with a friend before going back to hotel room, to get ready for the keynote lunch with Nora Roberts.
Which, let me tell, you was a THRILL.  First we wait in this long line to be let into this HUGE ballroom with 2 Nora Roberts books on each chair.  I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures (forgot my camera), but I wished I would have.  It was beautiful.
They served us some kind of weird, but good tasting chicken that looked like it had moss growing on it, and then key lime pie. 
Then the highlight came and Nora Roberts gave her speech.  She is so HILARIOUS.  The main point of her speech was to say that publishing is hard, it’s always been hard and will always be hard, but if you don’t get into the pool, you’ll never learn if you can swim. 
She also talked about all the friendships she made through the RWA.  This year was it’s 30th anniversary.  I hope the friendships I made this year will last as long!
After that it was a quick rush into the bathrooms before the lines formed and then another rush down the hall to where the PRO meeting was held.
It was very informative, but I don’t think I’ll be attending it next year.  I’d rather go to the workshops.  But, then again, maybe next year I’ll be able to attend the PAN workshop.  😀  I surely hope so. 
The PRO speakers were Donald Maas, who is AWESOME!  If you get the chance to get his book, “Writing the Breakthrough Novel”  GET IT!!!  Then it was another author–who I’m soo sorry, but I can’t remember her name.  She won the RITA seven years ago, but somehow her next book was never published.  Then she lost her agent (mutually) and had a hard time finding another, but she kept persevering and now she writes YA and is a best-seller. 
Then it was time for the editors and agents panels. 
After that it was time to head back to the hotel and baby my poor feet.  Ladies, please, when they say wear comfortable clothes and shoes, they mean it.  I mean really, really mean it.  Next year I’m bringing Crocs.  LOL.
At PRO I was invited to the YARWA get-together, but the worry wart I was decided my time would be best spent getting ready for my pitch meeting the next day. 
Which I did, then I went to the bars to “network” with Cate before coming back and practicing my pitch again.

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