RWA Day 2

>RWA Day 2:

This day is honestly a blur! It went by so fast! But I’ll try to recap here.

I woke early, my pitch running through my head. We went for breakfast and then I head straight to my pitch appointment. I was about an hour early, but I prefer to be early if I can help it.

Then I met with the editor and nailed it ladies and gentleman. I mean NAILED IT!!! I got a full request with a blurb for the sequel. After that I waited for Cate, who was meeting with the same editor and also got a full request. Not surprising, since we both have angel books and helped each other perfect our pitches.

After the mandatory celebratory sodas and bragging to our family members we went to our workshops. Fat-Free writing by the Grammar Divas was SPECTACULAR. It was recorded so if you can, I’d suggest buying the recording.

Then it was off to lunch with Jayne Ann Krentz, who’s basic point of the story was “Be on the cutting edge of trends, not the bleeding edge.” Which meant, know your market and stay within it. Apparently she tried to commit career suicide approx. three times.

After that it was more workshops. First up was the spot light on Belle Bridge Books with the awesome Deb Dixon. Then it was off to Turning Straw into Gold. I honestly wasn’t that pleased with that one. I felt the author and her editor spent too much time talking about her books. Books I wasn’t at all familiar with and it left me with no idea what the workshop was about.

Then I freaked out because I lost my cell phone, but I didn’t. It was in my bag the whole time, but I was so panicked when I couldn’t find it, that I kept missing it.

Then it was time for dinner, and a swim in the pool, which was GORGEOUS!

The best part was after we were finished swimming we went to a restaurant/bar along the boardwalk and ended up talking to Jessica Faust about turkey legs, drunk swimming, and next year’s conference.

Ms. Faust, if you’re reading this by chance, do you believe me now that the turkey legs are made from Emu? 😀

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