RWA Day 3: The final day (for me)

>RWA Day 3-Final Day (for me)

Woke early (AGAIN) and then went to eat the breakfast provided for us. Talked with a few new people, who didn’t give me cards and I can’t remember their names.

Then it was off to the Writing Fight Scenes workshop which was GREAT! If you missed it, I seriously suggest you buy the mp3 or DVD of the workshop. It isn’t just about fight scenes. It’s about choreography. How to lead up to a fight scene. Even a little bit about sex scenes, since they’re about the same ultimately.

Next was another truly AWESOME workshop by a new friend Sandy James, called Freud Knows Romance. Another one I suggest buying the taping for. It really explained a lot about the Psychology of people and how to use that in your books.

Then I went to a dialogue one, which was good, but the handouts said everything she did and I left early.

Then lunch was a complete disaster. We were on our own and with 2200 other ladies trying to eat at the same time, it was almost impossible to find a place to take us.

Finally we found somewhere, but they completely SCREWED up my hamburger. I had to wait almost an HOUR to finally eat. I was not happy. Because that made me miss a workshop I REALLY wanted to attend.

Then I went to the Carina Press spotlight, which was very informative.

Then I went to the Goal, Motivation, and Conflict in the YA novel, which was also VERY good.

Then it was back to the hotel to pack and wait for my husband to come get me. I was sore, tired, and I missed my kids. Yes, I skipped the awards dinner and ceremony. I just couldn’t stand to be away from my family any longer.

Next year though, I’m going! I was so sad to have missed it. ☹

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