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Lance Armstrong

Everyone is talking about Lance Armstrong and how he admitted to cheating (finally) after all these years. Most everyone is asking why? But I’m not. That’s the only part that’s obvious in all this.

Why did he cheat?

Because he wanted to win. He wanted to be the best. He wanted the money and sponsorships and fame that go along with winning. And he felt the only way to do all of that was to cheat. But he didn’t just cheat to win. He cheated all the men racing against him. He cheated each and every single one of his teamates and not just because his name and theirs are besmirched, but because he convinced many of them to cheat as well. He cheated the US out of being proud of our athletes. Something that’s been hard pressed lately due to steroid abuse and strikes in MLB. Strikes in our NHL. And many more problems in other sports that I just don’t feel like listing.  And, worst of all, he cheated our children out of looking up to him as a role model. In all aspects (minus one), he would and had been a great one.

It’s a shame, but unfortunately, it seems to be the “cool” thing in sports. When you can’t win the honest way, cheat.

However, the question, I’m really asking is “Why now?” Why did he admit to cheating now, especially since there wasn’t any real point to it. His medals and wins had already been taken away. His reputation already destroyed. Why did he decide to confess now and not a few months ago? We’d all but forgotten the issue. I for one stood behind him. There’d been no proof he’d cheated. Blood and other testing seemed to point to his innocence. So why admit now that he cheated when he could have just let people speculate? When a lot of people defended him and believed him? I guess that’s just something we’ll never know.

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