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The Day I Forgot how to Talk (i.e. the day I met Marianas Trench)

So…it’s been awhile…

How have you been? Are the kids well? Anything new? ūüôā


Anyway, I’ve been thinking for a while that I really needed to brush¬†off this dusty ol’ blog and start it again, but I could never figure out what I wanted to talk about. I knew I didn’t want to talk about writing. That’s boring.

I mean, I sit at a computer all day and press keys in rapid succession until something that I hope resembles a book pops out. Or worse, I sit and stare into space while I wait for my Muse to slap me over the head with ideas, but mostly end up staying that way until the kids come home. And only when I’m thisclose to falling¬†asleep does an idea hit me. I promptly decide there’s no need to write it down because unlike the gazillion times before this time I absolutely will NOT¬†forget it by morning. Only to wake up the next morning asking myself what was the brilliant idea I had.

So…back to the blog. I didn’t want to write about writing.¬†So what did that leave me to write about? I had no idea. Until Saturday that is.

So a few months ago, I saw my favorite band (Marianas Trench–if you haven’t heard of them, check them out. They’re amazing. Seriously.) was coming to Orlando. Without too much thinking, I decided I was going to go and not only go, I was going to spring for VIP tickets to meet them. I was so excited (nervous, too, because…me.) and I stalked them on twitter to figure out exactly what “VIP” meant. Which is how I found out that they wanted people to dress in 80’s garb. ¬†Neat, right?

I messaged my friend, ¬†Leah (LD Chrichton)–who was the one who introduced me to their music in the first place (she even bought and sent me their CDs back when you couldn’t buy their music on iTunes in the US.)–to tell her I got VIP tickets. Squeeing with me, she suggested I bring a copy of RENEGADE and show them that I’d written a thank you to them in the acknowledgements. I agreed it was a good idea, but decided I’d do one better and bring each of them a copy of the book to say thank you in person, for creating such wonderful music.

So…fast forward to Saturday. I take my daughter to ice skating and can barely contain how excited I am, sharing my plans with anyone who’ll listen while making a mental list to make sure I’ve got everything I need for my 80s costume, beg a¬†friend for makeup tips, and convince another one of my friends, Larissa Hardesty, to come with me (I have no shame when I share my favorite things with my favorite people. ;P).

When I get home, I double and triple check the email they sent me re: the VIP meet and greet.¬†Then pull my costume on, asking my husband every 5 minutes if I look 80s enough. I think I did pretty good, considering I may have been born in the 80s, but I’m a 90s chick.

I wish I'd had time to tease and/or crimp my hair more, but the side pony tail was good enough. I think

I wish I’d had time to tease and/or crimp my hair more, but the side pony tail was good enough. I think

So I go to the concert, wait outside for awhile then go to the meet and greet/VIP event. It was so much fun. I met some wonderful ladies (if you ladies are reading this, message me! We should totally hang out.) And even gathered the courage to ask them a question about David Bowie. They played PERFECT (one of my favorites).¬†Then we were all shuffled through some pics with the band, which is where I WANTED to hand them the books with the thank you, but I chickened out and I didn’t really have a chance to before we were all shuffled back outside. But they all said they liked my costume. So still a win, right?

I met up with Larissa at Bongos (Beautiful restaurant, BTW. Their  chocolate lave cake is to DIE for. Seriously.) And then we headed back to House of Blues where we stood outside for a few to get in (while I cursed myself for not getting in the front of the line when I had the chance to when I left the VIP event. Because it was FREEZING. Or at least it was for this Florida girl).

An awful selfie I took while freezing outside HOB.

An awful selfie of Larissa and I, that I took while freezing outside HOB.

The next few hours were spent enjoying an AMAZING concert. The set list was FANTASTIC. They played all¬†of my favorite songs (like I have one I DON’T like. LOL.)! But my absolute favorite was GOOD TO YOU. ūüôā


This was from ASTORIA. (Forgive the crappy pictures. I’m short and I was in the back. LOL.)


I can’t remember what song this was, but I love the lighting and the background.


FALLOUT (obvs.) And HELLO shirtless Josh. LOL.


Another FALLOUT.


Another FALLOUT, but I LOVED Josh’s pose and expression here.


WILDFIRE, I think. But this was my favorite pic of the night.


Can’t remember the song, but loved the background.


Pretty sure this was END OF AN ERA. They had a better background later in the song, but I didn’t take a pic for whatever reason. ūüôĀ

So then Josh announces that the band is coming out to meet with everyone and I damn near jumped for joy because I was sure this was my chance. So I waited FOREVER in Josh’s huge ass line. The entire time I’m practicing what I’m going to say when I hand them to him. “Thanks for making¬†such wonderful music. I have at least one song of yours on every playlist I have while writing. I wrote you in the acknowledgements of RENEGADE and I gave¬†one of my characters¬†your famous blue and black hair before you changed it. Blah, blah, blah.” You get the picture.

So then it’s my turn, and he smiles at me. I forget everything. (Of course.)¬†I shove the pile of books at him. Mumble something about how much I love his music and how I put him in the acknowledgements and wrote a character for him in book 2 and that the books are for the entire band. Which wasn’t AT ALL what I meant to say.

He just kept saying wow and turning the books all around, staring at them like, “What the fuck?”


Pretty sure that’s the face of: “What the fuck is this? And why is this crazy chick giving me 4 copies of a BOOK?”

So then I start apologizing and saying how I know it’s weird (like a DUMB ASS). He hands the books to his assistant and tells me he’s going to have them take them backstage. And then he posses for a picture with me.


Then I bolted out the door and tried not to cry from embarrassment.

He was SO nice about it, but I’m sure he went backstage and was like, “I had the weirdest chick in line today.”

So…what’s the most embarrassing moment of YOUR life? Sound off in the comments.

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