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Free, free, free, free, free. What’s better than free?

The Part Where I Talk Too Much.

Hello, lovelies! You’ve heard me yapping a lot about my partnership with Inklo and honestly it’s because I’m really excited about it. I love that I’m able to do something I love doing, in addition to essentially giving away free young adult books to my readers. Also it allows me to connect with you all in a way I’ve always felt was lacking in the traditional venues.

Which…is just so…


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I know it’s weird, and confusing, and all a bit …



But trust me, it’s as easy as using instagram, or youtube, or facebook, etc. And we’ll get through this together.



The Part Where I Explain Inklo.

From Inklo:

INKLO turns reading into an all new social experience by publishing exclusive stories by bestselling authors in bite-sized weekly episodes. Read and discuss stories with anyone, anywhere in real time.

The app is very user-friendly. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you will be able to follow authors and/or stories to read the new chapter posted each week. Reading stories on INKLO is and always will be FREE.



The Part Where I Explain How to Find Me

First go to inklo.com and download the app.





Second, open the app.  And sign up for the free account.


Third: Scroll until you find Mirror Image. And tap on the cover.


Fourth: Click follow.

Fifth: Scroll Down and tap episode 1.


Sixth: Read and enjoy. 🙂





The Book

And this book, guys. This book. This. Book.


I LOVE this book. I mean, love, love, love this book.  I’ve been wanting to share this with you FOREVER! And now I can! Finally! I have all the deets of its marvelousness on its page here.

But how pretty is this cover?!



Furthermore, if this works the way it seems like it will, then Im almost sure I’ll be able to do it again on top of my other traditionally published books. ; ) Hence, more books, more often. Seems like a win-win to me!




The Part Where I Talk About the Contests

So I love contests. Maybe you do, too. Plus I love setting goals. I know; I’m weird. Anywhoodle, I set a bunch of goals for myself. When I hit those goals, I’m going to hold a contest. The higher the goal, the bigger the contest. Seems fair, right?

Since I’m pretty sure we’ll hit this one pretty quickly, I’m going to go ahead an announce the first goal and prizes now.
100 followers–Prizes:

Complete signed set of The Elysium Chronicles. Signed cover flat of Revelations. And a $15 Amazon GC.  And I’ll do a live video chat. (This is open to everyone.)


So…what are your thoughts? Questions? Grievances? Shout ’em at me down below.




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REVELATIONS’ cover is live!

I can’t believe that today’s the day! It’s so so surreal that I’m not focusing on RENEGADE any more.  This time last year, I was worrying over how Renegade would do. Now it’s REVELATIONS’ turn. Wow. Just wow.

Anyway, you want to see the cover not hear me complain about how fast time goes by. LOL.

I’ve been lucky enough to have a TON of extremely awesome bloggers help me with this cover reveal. And I owe them a HUGE debt of gratitude, especially Jaime Arnold from Two Chicks on Books. Thank you, Jaime! <3 <3 And all the other bloggers who are listed below, for being as awesome as they come. 🙂

Also, there’s a contest! It’s pretty easy. 🙂

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