Teaser Tuesday: Toothless

> As promised here’s a sneak peak of my newest short story, tentatively titled, TOOTHLESS.  We haven’t come to part yet, where the title will make sense, but I hope you enjoy, even though it’s technically a vampire story.  (And as always, this is EXTREMELY rough.)

The sound of her heart racing is like a tympani to me and urges me forward.  She is mine.  From the minute our eyes meet across the dance, I knew it.  Even when she realized what I was and tried to sneak away, I knew.  And now, with her feet slapping the wet concrete of the alley, her heart hammering in her chest, and her breaths gasping, her blood beckons to me. Like a Siren’s Call it is impossible to ignore.
The red haired beauty has wound her way around the city, dodging here and there, but I’m never far behind.  And while I’m not hurrying, to her mortal’s eyes, I am a blur.  I could have grabbed her before this started, but the chase is fun.  In a life filled with endless night, a little entertainment with my meals is indispensable and the key to preventing boredom–a fate worse than a stake through the heart.  At least there’s a fight before the stake.
But the chase has come to an abrupt end, the poor dear.  And she’s run right into a dead end alley.  And apt name…considering.
“Please,” she begs.  “Please don’t hurt me.”
“Oh, this won’t hurt in the least,” I say.  However, the fangs gleaming from my smile probably don’t give her the relief she’s looking for.
She pushes herself against the wet, dirty wall as if trying to go through the wall and I have to laugh.  Why do mortals always think that cringing away from the monsters is going to make us go away?  Seriously.  It seems kind of dumb.
“Relax,” I say.  “This really won’t hurt.  You’ll never feel a thing.”
I step closer and the fear radiating from her causes me to quiver in anticipation.  Her blood will be delicious.  Like the first taste of a fresh, tart not-quite-ripe apple.
Mmm, apples.  I must have one when I get home.
Toe to toe with her now, I place my hands on either side of her face.  Her eyes are wide and I can barely see the blue because her pupils have taken over and their black depths are all that’s visible.
Her lips, painted a bloody red, tremble, but it’s not all fear now.  It’s just as much arousal.  Anticipation.  My touch and smell overpowering her instincts.
It’s such a shame really.  She really is a beautiful girl.  I trail my finger down her delicate throat and rest in the hollow of her collar bone.  Maybe I’ll keep her after all.  She would make a wonderful companion.
She’s making little whimpering sounds that make me want to moan in pleasure.  Is there anything more electrifying than a moan?
I smile, then dip my head, brushing her lips with mine, letting her breathe in my scent, which is more potent than any illicit drug.  Almost immediately it has an effect and she’s putty in my arms. Literally.
If I hadn’t been pressing my body firmly against hers, she would have fallen to the ground.

     I shake my head.  Humans really are strange creatures.  I flip her over my shoulder and bound out of the alley

4 Responses to “Teaser Tuesday: Toothless”

  1. Marieke says:

    >I really want to eat apples now! 😀

    Loved it!

  2. jasouders says:

    >LOL. Thanks! I'm glad. It's actually going to get really funny in the next scene, but I needed to show him in all his arrogance first. 😀

  3. Ezmirelda says:

    >Wow, I really liked it! *looks around admiringly*. I almost didn't recognize your blog and I though I'd clicked on the wrong link. Can't wait to read more of your short story!

  4. jasouders says:

    >Thanks, Ezmirelda! I'm glad you like everything. 😀 I've read it a few times today and want to wince when I see all the mistakes. Oh, well. It's up and will have to do. 😀