Thankful Thursday

>Hey all.  I lied yesterday when I said I was going to do a post on how to send fulls/partials.  It will have to wait until Monday, because I’m blogging over at Oasis for YA.  So check them out instead!  Also, if you haven’t heard I’ll be mentoring a few authors at the Adventures in Children’s Publishing blogsite.  This week we’re working on short pitches.  Why don’t you head over there and leave a few comments for these awesome authors?  I’m sure they’d be appreciative.

In other news, I’ll be part of a blog tour starting Sept 2.  In preparation for my friend, Jordan Deen‘s release of her sequel, which I’ve had the pleasure of reading and think you will LOVE, she’s having a blog tour scavenger hunt.  Complete with AWESOME prizes.  Go check out her website for details. 

One Response to “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Brenda Drake says:

    >Thank you for the wonderful suggestions for my query. You made it easy to understand where I'm lacking in my query. It was so difficult to pare down what I had to 175 words. I fear I failed. But I'm so excited to rework it with your suggestions. 😀