The results are in!


And the results are in! 

Just wanted to introduce our Secret Agent for the month, the fabulous Kathleen Ortiz from Lowenstein and Associates.  To read more about her please see the interview I did here with her.  Thank you.

And now, onto the good stuff.

Due to a number of reasons, she has decided to only choose two winners.  And those winners are:

In 2nd place, with her story, SECRET KNOWLEDGE,  Pat Esden!

And in the coveted first place, with her story, EPHMERAL, Hanna Howard!

Both of these lovely ladies have been informed of their wins already, so let’s just give them a giant CONGRATULATIONS!

And as a side note:  Due to popular demand, I will be posting my experiences and notes from RWA Nationals in Orlando.  Please stay tuned starting next week. 

And thanks to all of you who have made my second contest a success. 

7 Responses to β€œThe results are in!”

  1. Ebyss says:

    >Grats to the both of you. YAY!!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    >Thanks to Kathleen for judging and for hosting another great contest, J.A.! For my part, at least, it really was a success–SUCH great feedback.

    And to you winners: WOO HOO! Best wishes!

  3. Hanna C. Howard says:

    >Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful comments, to Kathleen for taking the time to read all of our entries, and to J.A. for hosting. What an awesome opportunity for feedback and critique.

    Best wishes to all!

  4. Donna Reeve says:

    >Congrats, Pat & Hanna!
    And thank yous to Kathleen Ortiz for your professional involvement, to the reviewers, and most of all, thank you JA! It was fun.

  5. PatEsden says:

    >Thanks everyone for the great feedback and suggestions, to JA for putting on this great contest and Kathleen for the time and energy she put into judging.

    I really enjoyed reading everyone's 250 and queries.

  6. Stina Lindenblatt says:

    >Congrats to the winners!

    LOL. Kathleen requested my partial in another contest.

    Thanks for the great contest. My query and first 250 words have changed big time. Not because of the contest, tho. I had feedback on it by an author at the SCBWI LA conference, and despite eveyone liking my opening in this contest, it ended up being cut (as did most of the first chapter). πŸ˜‰

  7. Roza M says:

    >Congrats to the winners! =)