The truth about Publish America.


Now since this blog post idea can essentially never end, I’m going to focus on why NOT to publish with Publish America.  Why am I doing this?  Because this “publisher” isn’t out to help you become a published author, they’re out there to get your money.  Plain and simple.
My information is not first hand experiences, but I am planning on having an author who was swindled by this company come over and tell us about it.  Most of my information was easily found on the Internet and I’ll provide links to my resources.  And for those naysayers out there that will just say I’m jealous because I don’t have a published book yet, I will remind you.  I have an agent and I love her to death.  I was offered no less than 3 publishing contracts for my book, Fallen (that I turned down), and 1 for, Mirror Image (that I was seriously considering). So no, I’m not jealous.
Here’s also a reminder that money flows to the author not away from.  If you’re asked to pay for something, be very wary and DO YOUR RESEARCH.  Check everyone out before you query them.  Period.  End of story.
Okay, here’s a quick rundown on why not to publish with PA.
1.  They don’t edit your work.  In fact, usually more errors are introduced into your work and then they want you to pay for it to have it fixed.
2.  Your books will almost never be on an actual bookshelf, because PA doesn’t except returns (almost all commercial publishers accept returns, because they only accept and print books they believe in.) Or in libraries, because they lack the LOC CIP number–something real publishers provide for their books.
3.  PA accepts almost everything!  It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.  If they can easily format it, it gets picked up.  (Unless, of course, they’ve met their quota for the day).
4.  PA will not sell your book to readers.  They will sell your book to YOU!  The prices they charge for their books is so exuberantly overpriced that no real reader will buy it, therefore they offer the author “deals” so they buy it.  (Sounds a bit different than we’ll never charge the author anything, doesn’t it?)Here’s a link from their own site that proves that the books are ridiculously overpriced.  
5. And finally, if you publish with PA, it’s not considered a real publishing credit.  There isn’t an agent out there that considers this a legitimate credit.
This is a forum post that has multiple sub-forums.  Click on any of them and you’ll see everything I’m talking about:

4 Responses to “The truth about Publish America.”

  1. Barbara Loure` Gunn says:

    >I am a PA author who has two books published with them. My main problem with this company is that they do nothing to help the author sell the book. I don't understand how anyone could be "swindled" by them as it costs the author nothing to publish nor does the author ever need to purchase one book, Two free copies are given to the author when it is ready to be published.
    Now for the rest:
    #1 Yes they do edit, unless the author requests that they don't.
    #2 PA is print on demand and can be ordered by any bookstore by providing the USPC #. I believe they do now accept returns, but I could be wrong. Both of my books are in the public library because I put them there myself.
    #4 Anyone can order a book directly from PA. Prices are no higher than others.they do choose the price, which I didn't like.

    You are lucky to have been able to acquire an agent, but most of us, especially those on a fixed income are not that fortunate. It in no way means you are a better writer, just that you were in the right place at the right time and had the means to afford someone to help you. Good luck with your book.

  2. jasouders says:

    >This is another reason why I was wary of posting this. I am not saying I'm better or worse a writer than anyone. I've NEVER said this. What I AM saying is that people need to be research who they go with. PA IS a scam. I'm glad that you're happy with them, but there are many more authors who are not. If you follow the link I provided, that will take you to sites that prove this. Publishing will NOT cost you a dime. EVER.(except maybe paper and postage : ) ) So for those that are on a fixed income to say that they can't publish with someone other than PA, I'm not sure what you've been told, but agents DON'T get paid until you do. They get paid when the publisher pays YOU. Not the other way around. Commercial publishers usually provide 50 or so free books. You will NEVER have to buy books from them. And for those that don't want to go through an agent, there are a TON of small publishers that except unagented submissions that WON'T take your money. They also don't sell your book to you. Just saying.

  3. Tiger Princess says:

    >A Friend of mine went through the PA experience. He kept me informed of what was happening all the way through.

    1)They made him edit his book then ignored his corrections and published it that way.

    2)They spelt his name wrong on the cover.

    3) They bombard him with "if you buy so many of your own books, we'll give you a discount and sent two free copies to a celebrity / director / publisher" offers.

    4) He was paid $1 for the rights to his manuscript and was denied permission to write short stories based in the same world.

    Personally, that's what I would call downright disgusting behaviour.

    I agree with you comletely.

  4. jasouders says:

    >Thank you, Tiger Princess, for coming and letting us know what your friend's experience was like. From my research that's about typical of what to expect from this publisher. I hope that one day they realize what they are doing to their authors and become an actual commercial publisher as they claim to be, instead of what they are doing.