Online Workshops

All workshops will be conducted through Google groups. All workshops include homework to be completed at your own pace. Time frame depends on each workshop.  Workshops can be done in person as well, please contact me for details especially if you’re a school or library.

Query Critique

A one-on-one in-depth critique of your query. Includes 2 critiques of your query (The original query and 1 revision) and an IM or Skype discussion on how to bring out the WOW factor in your query.

Fee: $40


Query workshop

Gives you the essential tools to take your query from bland to BAM!

The query letter is one of the most important tools a writer has in their toolboxes. It’s the proverbial foot in the doorway of agents and editors; and is just as beneficial for those Indie publishing.

We’ll break down each section of the query letter from the hook to bio and everything in between. This workshop lasts approximately 2 weeks, with lessons given every other day with “homework” to be completed before the next lesson. At the end you’ll be able to send me your final query for an in-depth critique.

Fee: $75


The workshop that makes synopses your b*&ch. 🙂

With instruction that includes an in-depth look at what makes a synopsis a synopsis, how to make it stand out in a sea of black and white, the do’s and don’ts, and how to locate and use the important and exciting parts of your book (among much, much more), this 3 week workshop will help you turn your 80K+ manuscript into more than just a 3-page summary. You will have “homework” and a chance to send me your synopsis for critique.

Fee: $75

I’ve finished a book, now what?

The workshop for all those “How do I get published?” questions you’ve been dying to ask and answers to some you never knew you should ask.
An in-depth break down on a few of the ways to become traditionally published; with a step-by-step guide that’ll help take you from aspiring to agented. Lessons will include: how to research agents, what genre you’re REALLY writing in, what happens after you’ve written the end, etc. Get and keep your questions handy as I’ll be answering them as I go along.

Fee: $100

World-building: It’s not just for Wizards

Worldbuilding is an essential part of any book, from fantasy to contemporary.  This workshop will help you fill the pages of your novel with the rich and vibrant details that bring life to the world between them without drowning the reader. Lessons will help guide you to create a fully developed world that feels like you could step out of the door and into it. How to submerge a reader into a world that makes them suspend disbelief, or help them recognize a world they already know.Writing 101-How to finish a book in 8 weeks:This workshop is for all writers. For those ‘re looking at how to get started, how to just “finish the damn book”, or even just looking for pointers on how to write faster. This workshop will discuss plot, pacing, how to get out of your own way to just write, amongst many others. I’ll take you step by step through my process in how to power through your beginning, force yourself through the soggy middle, and push yourself to  a writer’s favorite words. “The End.”  This workshop will help write your stories “bones” to flesh out later and perfect later.

Fee: $75


This workshop will help you take the spaghetti noodles of your first draft and turn them into the apple pie of your finished story. I’ll give you the tips and tricks to help you edit your book to get it ready for submission to agents. Topics will include: beta readers, helpful books and resources, the dos and don’ts of self-editing, and tips on timing (when to keep going or time to send it on its way.)

Fee: $75

Editing Services

Prices for editing are:

A basic editorial read–checking for timeline, continuity, consistency, and glaring errors is 75 cents a page.

Simple edit: spelling, punctuation, grammar including sentence structure: $1.75 a page.

Comprehensive edit includes the above, but also includes suggestions for story structure, characterization, plot questions, as well as suggestions for any paragraphs that should be restructured, deleted, moved, and so forth. $2.75 a page.