Writer’s Wednesday

>Today I’m posting for a good friend of mine, Larissa Hardesty, for a very good cause.  The Florida Writer’s Association is having a silent auction.  The organization was “

specifically formed to promote literacy, as well as enhancing the writing skills of children, youth, and adults.”  She is still in need of items for the auction.  It can be almost anything.  From critiques to giftcards.  

Please, if you can donate an item or two, it would be much appreciated.  Please see the below letter for more details.  Also, if you can’t donate, but would still like to help out, some of the items will be placed on the Auction’s website and you can bid on the items there. 

Also, as an added benefit, if you donate and pass along the word, comment below and I’ll enter you into a drawing to win either a full manuscript critique by yours truly or a few books.  Winner’s choice.  I will verify the winner  has donated so please don’t fib.  Thanks for all your help.


2 Responses to “Writer’s Wednesday”

  1. salarsenッ says:

    >Hey Jessica,

    I'd be willing to offer an interview and promote whatever a writer/author needs. A Review? I don't need to be entered, but I'll tweet this right now. Larrisa is wonderful. Great thing you're both doing.

    We should mention this on Oasis.

  2. jasouders says:

    >Sheri, definetely. I'll bring it up to the group. Thanks for the idea!