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Whoot! It’s that time again. Time for the 3rd YAmazing Race with MGnificent prizes! In case you weren’t here for the first or second race, it’s a blog hop featuring over 50 debut authors, and prize packs that include ARCs, gift certificates, swag, and more! If you haven’t yet been to the Apocalypsies website, please click here to start from the beginning and read the complete rules.

 *NOTE: Race is officially OVER!!! Thanks everyone who entered. THere’s still a few hours to enter my private contest so go ahead and take advantage of that. And good luck! Don’t forget to check the apocalypsies site to see who won…*

Welcome to my stop! Now on to the race!


RENEGADE by J.A. Souders



Since the age of three, sixteen-year-old Evelyn Winters has been trained to be Daughter of the People in the underwater utopia known as Elysium. Selected from hundreds of children for her ideal genes all her life she’s thought that everything was perfect; her world. Her people. The Law.

But when Gavin Hunter, a Surface Dweller, accidentally stumbles into their secluded little world, she’s forced to come to a startling realization: everything she knows is a lie.


Her memories have been altered. 


Her mind and body aren’t under her own control.


And the person she knows as Mother is a monster.

Together with Gavin she plans her escape, only to learn that her own mind is a ticking time bomb… and Mother has one last secret that will destroy them all.

Be sure to preorder your copy of RENEGADE today (IndieBound, Barnes And Noble, Book Depository, Books-A-Million, Powell’s, Amazon )


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But, wait! I have another giveaway for you!


Want a 2nd chance to win a pre-order of my book?


Just tell me what’s the most dangerous thing you’ve done in the comments and don’t forget to add your email addy (see rafflecopter.)


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105 Responses to “YAmazing Race with MGnificient prizes”

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  2. I have been looking forward to reading Renegade for months! It sounds so awesome. The cover is gorgeous too. 🙂

  3. Aujah says:

    This book sounds like a good read.

  4. Maddie says:

    I’ve been looking forward to Renegade for ages! Can’t wait to read it!

  5. samantha ramos says:

    I love reading YA and your book sounds soooo good. I think it would be really cool to have an annotated book so I could see all the extras. Sometimes you can’t get enough of the book alone!! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  6. Hannah says:

    OOooo I can’t wait to read this! Thanks for the opportunity to win a pre-order. The most dangerous thing I’ve done? Cliff diving! By far the scariest thing ever, but so thrilling!!!

  7. Tammy Sparks says:

    Dying to read your book! Let’s see, you actually asked for two different answers to questions, so I’ll answer both. 1)The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done was ride on the back of a motorcycle. 2)And the reason you should send me an annotated ARC is, well, I’ve never received an annotated ARC, and I’d love some insight into the details of Renegade. Thanks:)

  8. laura carter says:

    I hate danger so i havent realy done any particularly dangerous things unless you count eating my food my best friend has cooked, thats pretty dangerous.

  9. When I was a senior in college, I spent the month of January in South Africa with a bunch of other theater students from my school. Most of our trip was spent in Johannesburg, living and working with recent grads of a theater conservatory there. We basically put ourselves at the mercy of the South African students, and had a mostly amazing time. But the first night we went out, they arranged for us to be picked up in a couple of giant vans. We thought they were proper taxis/minibusses, but when we got to a bar, we were somewhat alarmed to see the drivers come in and have several drinks with our new friends. Apparently, they had just gotten some pals with big vans to come out for the evening. On the way home, they decided to have a little fun and started doing donuts in the middle of a (thankfully empty) intersection. I’ve never been so convinced I was going to die. The next day, we saw newspapers with the headline, “Kids ride in killer taxis!” I guess it’s a pretty common practice there? But for the rest of the trip I didn’t go anywhere without the number of a taxi company! I am generally pretty risk-averse (at least when it comes to matters of life and limb) so this was NOT something I enjoyed and certainly NOT something I recommend. Thankfully, the rest of the trip was amazing and I even took some other, safer risks, like petting a baby lion!

  10. Christina K. says:

    I went sky diving with my friend – truly, awfully scary. I’m not an adrenalin junkie, I don’t like heights, and I kept my eyes closed the whole way!!
    Thank you:)

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  11. Kristan says:

    The scariest thing I’ve done? It would have to be cliff jumping. That free fall is terrifying and if you don’t land right…ow. But its definitely a rush!

  12. Amanda G says:

    I’m not very adventurous. I tend to walk around the downtown areas cities at night (Phoenix and Houston come to mind.) Not exactly the safest places to be.

  13. Molly F. says:

    The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is probably when I went bungie jumping off an overpass at the beach. It wasn’t very smart, but I had a blast!
    molly dot frenzel at gmail dot com

  14. Kayla Guyette says:

    The scariest thing I’ve ever done is do a three -four foot drop in a trust fall in gym class. I was terrified of being dropped especially since if I was I’d be landing on the hard ground. I begged the teacher to push me I was so terrified to do the fall. I ended up rallying my courage and doing it and all went well. I now enjoy doing things like zipllines!

  15. heather self says:

    Most dangerous thing I’ve ever “done” is had brain surgery. I’m not particularly adventurous otherwise.

  16. Inky says:

    NO idea! lol. Um I guess standing on a cliff edge at the grand canyon is pretty dangerous. Loll Thanks Jessica!

  17. BritneyW says:

    Most dangerous thing I’ve done… hmmm. I DON’T KNOW! Lot’s of things come to mind from certain gymnastic/cheerleading moves to crossing my mother! Probably crossing my mother. Lol!

  18. I went white water rafting. Dangerous! Or… married my husband? Double dangerous! 😉

  19. Desiree Thompson says:

    When I was a freshman in High School my friends and I tied a sled to the back of a truck and put football helmets on and drove extremely fast through the icy roads. I almost got decapitated on the bumper of a Toyota.

  20. Heidi Grange says:

    I’m not a dangerous sort of person. I can be dangerous driving if I don’t concentrate on what I’m doing.

  21. Stephanie Trujillo says:

    Most Dangerous thing that I have done In my life was hanging out with certain people that seemed to thing jumping off a 100ft cliff into a lake was brilliant when waters were slightly shallow and driving with them in their car while flying down a mountain and then they decided it was fun idea to go 75 mph in 35 mph zone in town and jump off the bumps and grooves in a Subaru outback. yeaaaaa I’m pretty lucky nothing happened any of those times. I find it unfortunate that a few of my friends I still talk to continue to associate with this person after the things they have done, and believe me there are more situations he put us in.

  22. Becca F says:

    I have been looking forward to reading this book since the beginning of this year! I cannot wait to get my hands on it!! AH! haha, I really do hope I win! Thank you for participating in this race! Let’s see, the most dangerous thing I have ever done would probably be sneaking into an abandoned building. It was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done!

  23. I’m not much of a risk taker, but this year at summer camp, the first night when I sat on my cot, it fell through the side of the tent flap 4 feet down and I landed under the platform of the tent. Turns out I suffered a really bad concussion!

  24. Liliana E. says:

    Risky thing I’ve done…gosh, that’s a tough one! I’ll have to say Runaway from a snake! We used to live in the middle of an orchard, and there would sometimes (literally!) by snakes in our backyard! It was scary! Especially for a person who doesn’t like snakes O.O

  25. Jessica@a GREAT read says:

    Oh I am very boring. I never done anything that can really be called dangerous!

  26. Tizzy Potts says:

    Thanks for this giveaway. Hmm…I can’t really think of anything remotely dangerous that I’ve done, I’m a bit of a chicken!

  27. Kae says:

    I jumped backwards in the pool and had to get stiches ?
    I don’t know if jumping in the pool backwards is considered dangerous but it’s the only thing i can come up with

  28. Tia says:

    The most dangerous thing I have done is ride in a helicopter

  29. Randi M says:

    Hmm…I guess the most dangerous thing I’ve done is go into a mosh pit at a rock concert xD. Hahaha.

  30. Maddy E. says:

    The most dangerous thing I have ever done is gone outdoor rock-climbing with equipment that was not up to standard.

  31. I’m a very boring person. I think being a mom is dangerous sometimes!

  32. laura jet says:

    Cant think of anything now. Eerm.. i went swimming in the river where i live and the current is pretty bad (many people have died because of how agressive it can be). does that count? 😛

  33. Grace Radford/Anna Pett says:

    Hmm. the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done? I once decided to try and scale the side of a house (made out of brick) with no harness and no gear. Thankfully I didn’t kill myself. Also, I’ll be participating in your blog tour, so I can’t wait!

  34. Wren B. says:

    Probably riding my horse without telling anyone where I was going or by myself. heyprettiel at hotmail dot com

  35. Tonnelle Driesen says:

    most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is zip lining.

  36. Katelyn Whalen says:

    *sigh* I’m not very adventerous. Though I have climbed a mountain, and when I was younger I would go down my huge hill on my bike no handed, standing up, swerving, at any moment a car could have killed me. . . My poor mother.

  37. Jennifer G W says:

    I’m a bit boring and don’t do dangerous things so maybe driving 🙂

  38. Jessica Jackson says:

    The most dangerous thing i’ve done…
    That’s hard, There’s a lot of RIDICULOUS things i’ve done but those aren’t dangerous…
    Oh well! I’ll just say one of those!
    When I was in about 7th grade I went to 4H camp over the summer. Every year at 4H camp there are different activities. The dance, scavenger hunt, the games, the talent show…
    Everyone had to go to this talent show, every camper and every consuler.
    So we have a pretty big auditorium.
    My story begins after the last act.
    Everyone was clapping and cheering, while I was waiting for the pefect oppurtunity.
    When the clapping died down I yelled at the top of my lungs “CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!” and the whole crowd burst into laughter.
    Til this day I have no idea why I did that…

    Did any of this make sense?

  39. Brittanie Malone says:

    I can’t wait for Renegade!

    The most dangerous thing I’ve done?

    Hmmmm….probably bungee jumping 🙂

  40. Akoss says:

    I didn’t do this on purpose but I was once caught in a crossfire between rebels and the military. Thank God I lived to talk about it.

  41. Kristen Evey says:

    The most dangerous thing I’ve done? Getting into a car almost every single day of my life is probably the most dangerous… even though Skydiving FELT a whole lot more dangerous. :p

  42. Addie R. says:

    Um, probably when my cousins and I burned lizards in the secluded area with a lot of trees and grass (don’t ask, we were young :P)
    Yeah, we pretty much almost started a huge fire.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Hi,
    Traveling abroad by myself. That was risky.

  44. Cassy Campbell says:

    Hmm. the most dangerous thing I’ve done.. is probably standing on the side of a mountainish-thingy ,haha, in New Mexi :3 thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Sarah says:

    Rappelling into a cave seemed so dangerous at the time, but I was secured with ropes and things.

  46. Gaby says:

    I’m really always trying to be really careful so there’s anything too extreme, just maybe one time rushing to cross an avenue and it was pretty scary, I’m so never doing that again!

  47. Angie says:

    The most dangerous thing I’ve done is drink a glass of orange juice. That sounds harmless but I’m super allergic.

  48. Zoe says:

    Well I’m about to travel the middle east by myself, does that count?

  49. Stephanie says:

    Cave exploring and zip lining. I really want to read your book, thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Petra says:

    I don’t really think I’ve done anything dangerous. I’ve only been in situations that could of ended badly. Like when I use to ride horses, I went cross country on a particularly wild horse (not my choice) and it reared up. Luckily I was able to hang on. Also, I was on a fishing boat and fell off, which wouldn’t be bad unless it was docked on land—which it was. There were a scary couple of minutes when I couldn’t feel my legs, but luckily the feeling came back.

  51. Jessica says:

    I think the scariest thing that I have ever done is go to a haunted forest the chain saws and zombie things really freak me out but I had so much fun that I hope I get to do it again this year 🙂

    your book sounds amazing can’t wait to get my hands on it : )

  52. mary ann says:

    I don’t remember doing any daredevil stunt in my life so far.. but I’d say when I tried to jump on on 2nd floor of our school. I know I know I was grade 2 at that time!..lol

  53. Carmen B. says:

    Hm… I can’t really come up with anything in particular, though I know I’ve done plenty things that were dangerous/stupid, especially as a kid. You know, the usual. Do acrobatic tricks on my bike, drive my bike downhill without holding the handles, sit/walk around in high places without any type of security, climb around on rocks… oh, and there was that time when my friends & me wanted to get onto the roof of an abandoned factory and crossed the gap between a wall and the roof by walking over a piece of corrugated metal. It was full of moss and really old and basically could have broken through at any time, which would’ve meant a fall of at least 5 meters onto concrete. I think that was pretty dumb of us, but we did it several times anyway.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! Renegade sounds awesome and the cover is so pretty 😀

  54. Bungee Jumping. I am so scared, I almost peed upside down. I guess it was all worth it in the end. But will I do it again? Not really.

  55. Myra White says:

    The most dangerous thing… I’m not sure, though going overseas was a pretty big deal and was fairly scary. Having to tightly clutch and hide your bags 24/7 and always make sure your friends are nearby. It was quite an adventure!

  56. Shelver506 says:

    I’ve never done anything particularly dangerous, unless you count the time I drove my roommate to work at night without my glasses. Bad idea. But going to Europe by myself for an entire semester was pretty daring, if I do say so myself.

  57. kelly says:

    I honestly havent done anything dangerous yet

  58. Kaitlyn says:

    Lol, I haven’t really ever done anything dangerous. Unless you count dance classes…dance CAN be a dangerous sport at times, haha! Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

    email: dragongirl@embarqmail.com

  59. Natasha says:

    I haven’t done anything dangerous yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Michelle Bitner Smith says:

    I jumped off the roof in to the dough-boy pool.

  61. audrey says:

    I think going to the dentist is very scary!

  62. This is going to sound silly, but me and my friends went on one of those free fall rides where they take you up to the top and then drop you straight down. I was the only one who was not only calm through the line, I was EXCITED. And when we got to the top? I remarked how beautiful the sky was when you could see the horizon (it was in Colorado). But then they dropped us and I let out the most terrified scream I have ever heard. It was literally the worst feeling ever. Exhilarating, but so terrifying.

    So anyway! Thanks for the chance to win a pre-order!
    brenna dot braaten at gmail dot com

  63. Precious says:

    Um..I tried parkour before learning the basics when I was younger. 😉 Thank you for the giveaway!

  64. Kyle Patrick Magistrado says:

    Doing the zip-line, wall climbing, rappelling and spelunking!

    I had harness (of course) for the 1st three, but they are actually dangerous still! It was fun, though. I want to do them again. 🙂

  65. Artemis says:

    Honestly, I never did something dangerous in my life so far. Is that normal?
    Thank you for the giveaway and hunt!

  66. Dani says:

    Skydiving. That’s an easy one.
    Done plenty of other stupid things though. 🙂

  67. Kate Cone says:

    Most dangerous thing?

    Took a bus from South Carolina to Massachusetts by myself (I’m a short, young girl), with a wee-hours stop at one of the most non-safe bus stations (Washington, D.C.). The bus driver made us all get out and then almost left us. We also had long layovers and I thought the bus had left without me in New York once (it didn’t, it was just EXTREMELY LATE). I didn’t have a lot of money with me and I brought along an extra phone in case our bus got hijacked and we were asked to give up our phones…then I’d have one to call for help! I also took along size zero knitting needles (about 20 inches long) and vowed to skewer anyone who looked at me funny. It wasn’t a bad experience but I was a little frightened the whole time.

    I’d love to go sky-diving one day, though. 😀

  68. I’m not that Dangerous so the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done was get on a roller coaser,Lame I know.

  69. JennH says:

    I went abseiling once 😀

  70. Emily says:

    I like to play it safe, I’m not a big fan of danger. Therefore the most dangerous thing I have done would either be going jet skiing, or skiing down a black diamond slope. I know… lame.

  71. Katy B says:

    Well, I’m not a risk taker or a very dangerous person so I can’ t think of anything. I would get freaked out walking by myself at night to host my radio show in college that started at 8 PM and went until midnight. Luckily I was always able to walk home with my radio partner, but he had to be at the studio an hour before me so I always walked by myself. I was always terrified since it was in the fall and completely dark and I hardly ever passed anyone on my way. It was a creepy feeling. It seems like on college campuses everyone is in their dorms by 5 PM and then they don’t leave again to go out until 10 so it was a spooky feeling walking by myself. I was had my keys in my hand ready to attack someone if I needed to. Walking home was also eerie since it was midnight, but at least my radio partner was with me since he lived a floor above me in the dorm. We’d talk about how the English building on campus was said to have 4 ghosts inside it and that would take my mind off any fear of a person attacking me which was way scarier in my mind.

  72. Kassandra Fuentes says:

    Nothing dangerous has happened to me, and I have not done anything dangerous.

  73. Jesselle says:

    The most dangerous thing I did was rappelling! But it was a great experience because I was able to overcome my fear of heights. 🙂

  74. Lissa says:

    I guess the most dangerous thing I’ve done is rock climbing without ropes or harnesses

  75. Jack Moss says:

    I went to Detriot once

  76. Elie says:

    I did one of those rip cord jumps. Thought I was going to die.

  77. Daisy R says:

    Skydiving and swimming with sharks! Both I would do again in a heartbeat.

    daisykr_99@ yahoo dot com

  78. Jackie says:

    Outside of white water rafting and climbing trees, I’ve not done too many dangerous things.

  79. Shafiqah Iqbal says:

    I’m really not one for dangerous stuff so I think the most dangerous thing I’ve done is to sit on a balcony railing.

  80. Gabbie says:

    Nothing excitingly dangerous from me, so the most dangerous thing I’ve done that I can think of is probably crash my motorbike multiple times, accidentally of course. I don’t ride anymore because I didn’t find crashing much fun…

  81. Annabelle H says:

    Hmm, I’m not sure what the most dangerous thing I’ve done is! It’s hard!

  82. Marie-Michel Pagé says:

    Nothing excitingly dangerous from me. I did parasail this summer and let’s face face it, it’s not even that dangerous… loll

  83. Alicia Chin says:

    I haven’t done many dangerous things… I think the most dangerous thing was jumping off a ledge that was about 10 ft. off the ground xD Hope that counts for something… haha~

  84. Sarah O says:

    Well, I’ve been paragliding, but there was also that one time I almost got arrested in Cuba.

  85. Birgitte says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done was skydiving. I thought it would be absolutely horrible, since I was afraid of flying, but I as we went up, I kept on thinking it all had to be some kind of dream – I couldn’t actually jump from the plane. But I did it, and it cured my fear of flying.

  86. Lea says:

    Well, I used to date a “bad boy”, which was a dangerous thing to do for a million different reasons.

  87. Kristen Flood says:

    I used to walk away with strangers when I was little. All these people would come up and say hi, how are you and I would walk away with them.

  88. Alaiel Kreuz says:

    I would say to jump from a very high rock to the sea. Honestly? I’m not even sure how it happened, the only thing I can say that I did it like a hundred times. An every single time I thought “I’m crazy… I’m so crazy… Why am I doing this?! I mean… this is just nuts… Oh well, here I go!” and then I jumped xD
    But boy, was it fun!

    Thanks for the chance :]

    alaiel.kreuz AT gmail.com

  89. Catherine says:

    Hmm, I’m not a particularly adventurous person, but I did go skiing a couple of years ago…that can be dangerous – my friend actually went over the side of the slope! (Luckily, she was absolutely fine, though!)

  90. Hikma says:

    Haven’t done many dangerous things-the most dangerous thing I’ve done is probably sledging…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. bn100 says:

    Travel by myself

  92. Wow, the most dangerous thing huh? Well, the most dangerous thing I’ve done would have to be Swimming in the sea at night… though maybe meeting someone I met on the internet alone would be second on that list huh?

  93. Lynne says:

    In high school, me and a bunch of friends climbed the water tower. that was pretty dangerous … not to mention Stupid. 😀

    thanks for the bonus giveaway!

  94. Blake Haysel says:

    Drive 110 mph on 60 limit =)

  95. Cat says:

    Hmmm. The most dangerous thing I ever did was slide down a snow covered papc

  96. Cat says:

    Hmmm. The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is slide down a snow covered, paved hill on a trashcan lid. I was really young.

  97. Nicole says:

    I’m not terribly dangerous, and I’m not good at thinking on the fly. =/

  98. Michelle says:

    Walking the rail on our two story deck, we started at age 7. (my twin sister and I)

  99. Christine says:

    I’m not a dangerous person in any sense of the word, but I did swim with stingrays once, which freaked me out at the time (I was nine!).

  100. Sarah says:

    I’m not that adventurous of a person, so hiking the Grand Canyon was dangerous enough for me!

  101. Rebecca Hipworth says:

    The most dangerous thing I’ve done? To be honest, I try to stay out of danger. However, I have fallen down the stairs and ended up in hospital with concussion many times. 🙁

  102. Kelly says:

    The most dangerous thing would be when the woman above us in this house we rented from years ago came down pounding on our door because her estranged husband had a gun and was beating her up and she needed help. I was by myself with 2 small children. We called 911. He was seeing only red. I was scared and moved out the next week. That was more than I could handle.

  103. Sorry, I really cant think of anything. I’m too much of an overly cautious person to even attempt to do anything remotely dangerous.

  104. Melinda M. says:

    The most dangerous thing I’ve done is probably accidentally run into a prohibited area guarded by the military aha